4 Pain Preventing Exercises to Do at Your Desk

The Problem With The "Desk-Job"

It seems like everybody is spending most of their time locked in front of a computer. Hours at a time, day after day, frequently coupled with job stress. And this is tough on your body! Certain muscle groups are tensed-up for long periods of time, circulation is restricted, and joints remain in a static position. All of this leads to varying degrees of discomfort. To help you get through the day, I recommend the following exercises. Try to do them every couple of hours or as needed. These exercises are supposed to be gentle, forget “no pain, no gain”. If you feel pain stop immediately!

4 Helpful Exersizes

1) Get up off your butt (frequently): The easiest exercise of the bunch. Stand up and move around.

2) Chest Stretch: And while you’re up, clasp hands behind your back and as you breath, reach your hands down. You should feel a pleasant stretch across your chest. Repeat 3 times and count to 10.

3) Shoulder Shrugs: And if you’re feeling ambitious, inhale and lift your shoulders up towards your ears, exhale and let them drop. This exercise should reduce shoulder and neck tension. Repeat 5 times slowly.

4) Head Retraction: And while you’re up, let’s not forget your neck (which has probably been straining in what we call a “head forward posture”). Place an index finger on your chin (helps you keep your head level). Pull your head back over your shoulders as far as you can comfortably go. This should help reposition the cervical vertebrae in your neck and redistribute pressure on the discs. Repeat 5x and hold position for count of 5.

I hope you find these exercises helpful and stay comfortable!

Published on by Gary Barton.