Limp begone!

In the interests of full disclosure, I am a 63 year old male who sits at my desk all day long! However, it wasn't always like this. Through the age of 50 I have always been physically active. And those activities directly or indirectly have led to 3 back operations (perhaps my choice of activities have not always been physically the kindest). Now, and this is so annoying, I seem to walk with a permanent limp. The limp began very quietly 3 years ago and could be the result of many different physical problems. It could be due to nerve damage (remember those back operations), it could be habituated muscle patterns due to pain or nerve impingement (remember those back operations), or perhaps it’s because of joint pain (yep, I’m 63, I celebrate any joint that doesn't hurt). So after my last back operation (4 months ago) my back surgeon recommended that I get some physical therapy to sort out my limp. But first, some history. As I mentioned above I have been limping for the past 3 years, and during that time, I have been obsessing about this limp. It drives me crazy! So for 3 years I have tried fixing it myself by adjusting my gait, changing my heel strike, pushing off harder, etc. So there I am constantly switching it up! One day change things this way and the next day, another. Unfortunately, it has been to no avail, the limp has remained. So with the prodding of my surgeon and co-workers, I have begun physical therapy. Forthcoming blogs will track my progress and thoughts about the process.  I will try to be as straight-forward as possible. So wish me luck and thanks for reading. Gnb

Published on by Gary Barton.