How to Stay Young and Vital - A Layman's Guide

The Big Secret to Aging Well

If you have looked around the website you won t see my name anywhere. I am the administrator for the practice, and as such, remain firmly in the background. I am not a physical therapist nor do I pretend to be one. I have too much respect for their level of education and dedication to their profession. But I have watched almost 6,000 patients walk through our doors over the last 22 years. The vast majority have benefitted from the experience and those we couldn't help we referred them to a healthcare professional that might be able to help them. Bottom line, we always try our best with every single patient. During these years we have treated young and old people, soloists with ballet companies, business people, professional athletes, you name it. And guess what, every one of them gets older! So in my layman terms let me tell the secret of aging well... You ready? A lot of people don't know this so I'm giving up a lot by revealing the following:

Here it Comes!

You age well if you keep your weight down, maintain some strength, flexibility, and challenge your balance.  The other big secret? It doesn't take that much work! Moderate your eating, participate in a physical activity that you enjoy, stretch before and after your activity, and do some challenging walking around the neighborhood. Of course this requires time. It is not free, but it is worth every moment you invest in your future.

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