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Prenatal physical therapy is an often overlooked concept in the physical therapy landscape – which is curious because it is very important!

Pregnancy results in many changes to the body. These changes are hormonal, physiological and structural. This “temporary body” brings with it many uncomfortable and often challenging demands. Especially with all the hustle and motion in New York City, physical therapy can help adjust to those demands, but it requires a practitioner with specialized knowledge and training. We have that training and can help you through this experience!

What is Done During Prenatal Physical Therapy?

We take the whole body under consideration when addressing your needs during pregnancy and, above all, safety is first! We are concerned that this “temporary body” has added significant weight and moved your center of gravity at a time when hormones are telling your ligaments to relax and lengthen. We help you address those changes without unduly stressing your muscles, joints, and ligaments.

We focus on executing basic functional movements and minimize your risk of injury. Initially, we need to assess your newly acquired sitting and standing posture. This will help prevent structural damage to delicate tissues. Beyond the basics, our ultimate goal is to decrease pain in the later trimesters, strengthen your core and pelvic floor in preparation for labor. In addition, good core integrity will speed up delivery, the rate of post-natal healing and avoid incontinence issues. And, let’s not under-estimate its’ importance, we to optimize your sleep position so you can recharge for the next day’s responsibility.

Physical Therapy Can Help With

Our physical therapists can help with the following during pregnancy

  • Sacroiliac pain
  • Incontinence
  • Low back & hip pain
  • Sciatica & pelvic pain
  • Aching feet & swelling legs

Physical Therapy to Relieve Pregnancy Pain

Over the last 40 years, the average age of women having their first child has risen from 21.4 to 25 years of age. And due to more women focusing on higher education and their carer before starting a family, many women are not having their first child until thirty-five. With a focus on career and starting a family at an older age, many pregnant women are not very physically active in their daily lives which leads to more pain during pregnancy.

50-70% of pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy.

Physical therapy is a medically based profession specializing in pain relief and our physical therapists work with each patient individually to create a customized treatment plan to help decrease pregnancy-related pain by identifying and addressing its causes.

The most common pregnancy pain triggers include:

  • Posture
  • Joint alignment
  • Muscle strength
  • Flexibility
  • Nerve involvement

Additionally, the exercises done during physical therapy can increase physical endurance and muscle strength especially in the hips, back and abdomen which is great for soon-to-be mothers.

A good night’s sleep is integral to how enjoyable your experience is with pregnancy and how optimistically you approach the new challenges of being a parent. At Pivotal Physical Therapy, we help make the experience of being pregnant safer and more pleasant. Working with pregnant women is particularly rewarding because it is a life-changing event and we get to help! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Schedule a prenatal physical therapy appointment today and let us help you find more comfort in this exciting stage of your life!


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