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My typical answer is, “because each patient is a unique case and we can’t treat them according to some pre-determined protocol.”

Why We are Not Fans of Managed-Care Treatment Models

In other words, Managed-Care is based on a “volume” model for patient treatment and at Pivotal Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to rendering individualized care. And, there is no getting around this. You need highly skilled professionals who spend one-on-one time with each patient. In our case, each visit is 45 minutes with the same physical therapist throughout the course of treatment.

As a practice, we made a decision that we valued “quality” physical therapy over the “run-them-through-the-mill” model.

What is the Difference Between Managed-Care Treatment and Customized Physical Therapy Treatment?

So what is the difference? Well,  at Pivotal Physical Therapy you see the same therapist throughout the course of treatment, each visit is 45 minutes, and we never use assistants.

As opposed to the “managed-care” model where you see the physical therapist for 10-15 minutes and are turned over to an assistant who will then follow the physical therapists’ instructions and hope for the best.

Here’s why we disagree with the “managed-care” model: We believe that it takes a professional eye to chart, modify, and achieve the Long Term Goals we set out for the patient at the Initial Evaluation. Underlying this philosophy is, “no two patients are alike”, therefore we need to adjust the treatment techniques to suit those differences. And those adjustments are constantly being made from the first until the last visit. So, we check each patients insurance policy, inform them of the costs and, if they choose to attend Pivotal, do our very best to achieve optimal results.

Is Treatment More Expensive without a Managed-Care Plan?

I know what you are thinking: isn’t it more expensive? The quick answer is yes, but not always and sometimes the difference in pricing is not that significant; but most importantly, it’s well worth it. As a practice, we survive because our patients have experienced the results first hand and are strong believers in our approach to physical therapy.

As a result, many of our patients return to us when they have another issue or think of us when they need to refer their friends and relatives for physical therapy. As someone who works at Pivotal Physical Therapy, we have a side-benefit. I know we have always done our very best for each patient we have treated. That gives all of us here at Pivotal a deep sense of satisfaction.

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