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Pivotal’s Philosophy

We believe each patient is unique and arrives at our practice with a unique problem. We achieve the best results by thoroughly understanding each individuals problem and carefully formulating an optimal solution. Rehabilitation is most efficiently accomplished by seeing the same physical therapist, One-on-One (without the use of an assistant), for 45 minutes throughout their course of treatment. A particularly complex diagnosis requires input from many professionals. To facilitate this approach we stay in close contact with the referring doctor and routinely review these cases at weekly meetings. We believe that the patient must be empowered at the end of rehabilitation. Specifically, the patient should have physically improved and have gained the skills to prevent further injury.

Effective TMJ and Headache Treatments

Those headaches you experience may be a jaw problem. It’s estimated that over 10 million people suffer from TMJ-related symptoms, but only a fraction of them strive to take care of the underlying problem. At Pivotal Physical Therapy, we take pride in our ability to diagnose your headaches and neck pain. We can give you an accurate idea if you’re a candidate for our signature TMJ therapy and ensure the constant headaches are relieved. Regain mobility in your jaw and lose the discomfort you feel from eating and speaking. Our TMJ specialists are standing by to help you.


If you’ve experienced an athletic injury, you know that it’s not only painful, but it also affects your ability to maintain your lifestyle and stay competitive. At Pivotal Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are experts in how to treat the immediate trauma and prevent future injury. On your initial visit, we’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms, your past medical history, and your current mobility. We’ll then establish a personalized treatment plan with realistic goals. Upon each subsequent visit, you’ll receive one-on-one care, exercises, and training to reach those goals. No matter your specific orthopedic need, we’ll ensure you get the care you expect and the results you want.

Pelvic Disorders

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a debilitating disease that can affect your ability to enjoy a normal and active lifestyle. Problems with bowel movements and frequent urination are the most common symptoms. We offer effective therapies and exercises that will allow you to control your pelvic muscles, ease your discomfort, and regain your active lifestyle. We have over 30 years of clinical experience, and we’ll ensure you feel at ease during your treatments.

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