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Ms. Erni received her physical therapy degree in 1984 from The University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1986, Ms. Erni completed the Laban/Bartenieff certificate program in movement analysis and in 1993 received a Masters in Movement Sciences from Columbia University. Ms. Erni is a clinical instructor and adjunct lecturer at the New York University College of Dentistry on orofacial pain and TMD. In 2004, Ms. Erni lectured to Columbia University’s Doctoral Physical Therapy students on the topic of orofacial pain and TMD. Ms. Erni is considered to be a Master Clinician by Columbia University. In 1990 Ms. Erni established a private practice in Manhattan, New York. Ms. Erni’s practice philosophy is to treat each patient individually, one-to-one with a physical therapist. As a result, each patient is seen for 45 minutes by a physical therapist who custom tailors, executes, and modifies the treatment protocol. From a solo practice it has grown to include 3 full time physical therapists with advanced degrees and/or extensive clinical experience. Ms. Erni’s physical therapy practice has been a member of The Hospital for Special Surgery’s Rehabilitation Network since 1995, one of New York’s premiere surgical orthopedic hospitals. As of 2009 Ms. Erni had 27 years of clinical experience.

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