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Pivotal Physical Therapy

30 East 60th Street
Suite 1006
New York, NY 10022

Hours of Operation
Monday, Wednesday – 10:15 AM – 6:45 PM

                               Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 07:30 AM – 04:00 PM



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If you are looking for a Manhattan Physical Therapy practice contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Pivotal Physical Therapy Treats a Variety of Injuries

At Pivotal Physical Therapy, our pain relief experts provide comprehensive treatment to New York City residents suffering from a variety of ailments. Our services can address orthopedic injuries, head and neck pain associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, women’s health, and post-cosmetic surgery treatment, among other issues. We will employ various massage, stretching, strength training, and joint mobilization techniques to alleviate your pain. We will also provide instructions regarding home exercise programs to complement your office visits and expedite your recovery process.

Correct Bad Physical Habits in New York CIty

Pivotal Physical Therapy Specializes in Orthopedic Injuries

Our physical therapists are adept at treating the immediate trauma from an orthopedic injury as well as preventing future issues. We will evaluate your injury to determine a treatment plan that includes strengthening, stretching, and muscle reeducation. Furthermore, if we notice that poor biomechanics contributed to the injury, our staff will retrain you in more efficient movement patterns that will decrease your pain and increase your performance.

Prenatal Physical Therapy in New York City

Our Physical Therapists Are Experts in Women’s Health

Pivotal Physical Therapy’s clinical therapists possess specialized knowledge about women’s health. Our compassionate staff will design a treatment program to ease your pain that combines manual soft tissue and joint techniques with modalities, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular reeducation, and biofeedback. We offer Pilates training for pre- and postpartum.

TMJ Treatment in New York City, NY

Pivotal Physical Therapy Is NYC’s Leading TMJ Authority

At Pivotal Physical Therapy, we will ensure the health of your TMJ and its surrounding muscles, enabling pain-free talking, biting, and chewing. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience treating TMJ issues, including temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) as well as head and neck pain. Our therapies include targeted manual techniques for your jaw and neck muscles, muscle realignment and reeducation, and a Home Exercise Program to mitigate your symptoms and potentially eliminate the need for surgery.

We Can Remedy Pelvic Floor Pain in Men and Women

Pivotal Physical Therapy offers clinical education and treatment plans for men and women experiencing pelvic floor pain, which may affect the urinary system, digestion, and intercourse. During 45-minute visits to our New York City practice, we will perform manual procedures to alleviate pain and add strength, provide education regarding how to deal with your symptoms, and provide you with a Home Exercise Program to supplement in-office therapies.

We Provide Post-Cosmetic Surgery Treatment

Treatment plans for patients who visit Pivotal Physical Therapy after face and neck lifts typically span 2 to 4 weeks. Our therapists will utilize gentle manual techniques to relieve issues including swelling, scar tissue rigidity, and compromised function. After a patient’s bi-weekly visits, he or she should experience reduced discomfort and a normal range of motion in the face, neck, and head muscles.

Pivotal Physical Therapy’s Pilates Approach

Our therapeutic exercises include Pilates, which will increase your strength and flexibility, improve your level of coordination and athleticism, and enhance your balance. Pilates is an overall treatment that can relieve pain or discomfort in all major body parts. You will receive One-on-One instruction from a therapist who will monitor your progress and amend your program accordingly.

Treat Scoliosis with Schroth Method at Pivotal PT

We Expertly Treat Scoliosis Patients in New York City

Pivotal Physical Therapy practices a multidisciplinary approach to managing scoliosis. Our staff includes members with specialized training in the Schroth Method and the Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS). The Schroth Method involves de-rotating, elongating, and stabilizing the spine in a three-dimensional plane, while SEAS uses breathing and self-correction techniques to improve posture.

Call Us Today to Schedule an Appointment!

Pivotal Physical Therapy is your convenient, caring physical therapy practice on the Upper East Side. Specializing in a wide range of diagnoses and ailments, we are proud to be your trusted expert in pain relief. Call us today to schedule an appointment or learn more!