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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the information that you need on another part of our site? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our practice!


Do you accept insurance?

We are Out-of-Network providers with all of the insurance companies except Medicare. However, most patients have an Out-of-Network option which will cover a significant portion of the cost. We will confirm your insurance coverage prior to your first visit and inform you about your particular policy. If you have no Out-of Network benefits, we try to work with our patients and consider a sliding scale on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to schedule an appointment?

Having a doctor’s referral is great, but it is not needed in order to schedule an appointment with us. New York state law allows you to be seen for 10 visits or 30 days (whichever comes first), before requiring you to obtain a physicians referral.

How often will I need to do therapy?

Once you are evaluated, your therapist will recommend a certain number of visits (including frequency and duration). However, the patient is always the final arbiter in deciding how many visits they would like to attend.

What do I need for my first appointment?

For your first visit we would like you to bring your insurance card, doctor’s referral (if applicable), and any X-rays or MRI reports that you have in regards to your diagnosis.

What happens at the first treatment session?

During your first treatment session your physical therapist will give you a comprehensive evaluation. Based on their findings, they will develop appropriate treatment techniques that will be done in office and prescribe a Home Exercise Program to assist with your recovery. Your PT will always try to include some treatment (varies based on complexity of the diagnosis).

What should I wear?

There is no special dress code for therapy. If changing of clothing is required, we have t-shirts and shorts in a variety of sizes.

Why choose Pivotal PT?

We believe in quality physical therapy. To live up to this standard, we do not use assistants or have the PT simultaneously see multiple patients. Each patient is treated One-to-One for 45 minutes. Our clinicians are very experienced (usually at least 5 years of clinical experience and/or an advanced degree). In addition, the office emphasizes sophisticated hands on treatment techniques, followed by prescriptive therapeutic exercises, movement re-education, and strength training. We promote patient education and home exercise programs as an adjunct to the patient’s office visit to speed recovery and prevent a relapse. We also stay in very close contact with your referring doctor and generate an Initial Evaluation, Progress and Discharge Report to keep them informed about your status.

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