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A Holistic, Unique Whole Body Approach to Healing

At Pivotal Physical Therapy, we focus on healing your entire body – not just the area in pain. In most cases, the area where you experience pain isn’t the only area that needs attention and if our only focus is on that area we find that your relief is short-lived. This is why we take a holistic, whole-body approach to physical therapy. Our goal is not just to fix your symptoms but to resolve your underlying problem.

Stay Young with Pivotal PT

Pivotal Therapy Can Help

Whether you are looking to chew food without painful popping, run again, play with your kids, have pleasurable sex again or get back to your CrossFit classes, we can help.

For over 25 years, New Yorkers have come to our boutique physical therapy practice to achieve results. Eveline Erni, who has over 30 years of clinical experience, founded Pivotal Physical Therapy in 1990 with the belief that a comprehensive, personalized approach results in the highest level of patient rehabilitation and satisfaction.

Our Approach

  • At your first session, we do an initial evaluation in order to assess your current condition, abilities, and limitations.
  • Using the initial evaluation we create a customized rehabilitation plan.
  • During your physical therapy sessions, we utilize a combination of the following techniques to help you heal:
    • Sophisticated hands-on treatment techniques
    • Prescriptive therapeutic exercises
    • Movement re-education
    • Strength training
  • We promote patient education and home exercise programs as an adjunct to your office visits to speed recovery.

To facilitate our approach to physical therapy we stay in close contact with the referring doctor and routinely review these cases at weekly meetings. We also provide your doctor with an initial evaluation, progress and discharge report to keep them informed of your status.

direct access physical therapy

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in providing our patients with focused, attentive and experienced care which is why every session is with an experienced physical therapist (usually at least 5 years of experience) – not a tech or an aide.
  • We believe in bringing the focus back to the patient and restoring the quality of care which is why every session is one-on-one in the privacy of a private treatment room and lasts for 45 minutes. Our physical therapists do not see multiple patients at a time.
  • We believe you achieve the best results by thoroughly understanding each individuals’ problem and carefully formulating an optimal solution.
  • We believe in safe and successful exercise practices that adapt based on improvement and variety.
  • We believe in healing your underlying problem, not just the symptoms, which is why we focus on the entire body.
  • We believe that the patient must be empowered at the end of rehabilitation.




One of the aspects of care that really sets us apart is one-on-one sessions with an experienced Physical Therapist.

In a typical physical therapy practice, you likely spend about 20 minutes with an actual Physical Therapist. The majority of your time is spent with an assistant racing through exercising or being treated by machines including heat, ultrasound and electrical stimulation. You may also find yourself on instructions for the next exercise as most practices typically have their Physical Therapists and assistants working with multiple patients at a time.

Why is it so hard to get personalized one-on-one care at the majority of physical therapy practices?
In insurance-based practices, physical therapists are limited in many ways and as a result, are forced to modify the plan of care in a way that is most often not conducive to you getting better as quickly as possible.

First, the rate of reimbursement per patient visit is so low that the only way for the practice to survive is to treat multiple patients at a time so they can increase daily per patient volume. Secondly, most insurance policies only cover a set number of visits that are allowed per year, regardless of whether someone suffers a minor injury or undergoes a major surgery.

Lastly, insurance policies may restrict certain treatments or modalities which restricts your ability to receive the best care. All three of these limit your physical therapist from providing the best care to help you heal. Due to higher insurance deductibles, co-pays, and premiums, patients are paying more for their care yet receiving less.

At Pivotal Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are not restricted by your insurance policy which means we can create the ideal treatment plan for you. All of your 45-minute sessions are one-on-one with an experienced physical therapist. Plus there are no restrictions on the length of treatment or the treatment modalities.

Because we want our patients to get the best outcome from their physical therapy, we steer away from being a volume driven business. We are bringing the focus back to the patient and restoring the quality of care. We believe the best and most efficient results are achieved by seeing the same physical therapist, one-on-one for 45 minutes throughout the course of treatment.

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