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We Specialize in Diagnosing and Treating a variety of Orthopedic Injuries

Our therapists have specialized knowledge in orthopedics and will work with you to identify the main cause of your pain.

At Pivotal Physical Therapy, the physical therapists are experts in both how to treat the immediate trauma and preventing future injury. Initially, we evaluate the injury and determine the most efficient method of recovery. Concurrently, we focus on the whole athlete, assessing their form and movement patterns. We can then determine if poor biomechanics contributed to the injury and retrain the athlete in more efficient movement patterns. A typical byproduct of the “new” movement patterns is a decrease in symptoms (or avoidance of future symptoms) and an increase in performance.

To address the immediate cause of the symptoms (i.e., swelling, stiffness, inflammation) we employ various modalities (e.g., heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation) as needed, as well as massage, stretching and joint mobilization. For the prevention of re-injury, the therapist employs sophisticated movement analysis and retraining techniques.

Typical Treatment

Total treatments: 12 Duration: 6 weeks Frequency: 2 times per week Protocol: Strengthening, stretching, muscle re-education, Home Exercise Program.

Read About Our Orthopedic Case Studies

Orthopedic Case Studies

Pivotal Physical Therapy

It takes time to fully understand a diagnosis. A compassionate therapist thoroughly evaluates your history and, in discussions with you, will determine the best treatment strategy.We believe that the patient must be empowered at the end of rehabilitation. Specifically, the patient should have physically improved and have gained the skills to prevent further injury.


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