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We Determine the Best Treatment Strategy for Your Pelvic Pain

Our therapists have specialized knowledge and clinical skills addressing Pelvic Floor Pain in both women and men. It is often a multi-dimensional diagnosis affecting the urinary system, digestion, the bowel, and intercourse.

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Pivotal Physical Therapy

It takes time to fully understand a diagnosis. A compassionate therapist thoroughly evaluates your history and, in discussions with you, will determine the best treatment strategy.We believe that the patient must be empowered at the end of rehabilitation. Specifically, the patient should have physically improved and have gained the skills to prevent further injury.


Pelvic Floor Questions in New York, NY

At PivotalPT, we provide answers to your pelvic floor questions in addition to helping you strengthen this area of your body. Both men and women can benefit from pelvic floor exercises, as strengthening these muscles, ligaments and connective tissue can help with using the bathroom and general stability in that region of your body. For years, PivotalPT, has helped patients with physical therapy regimens for pelvic floor pain and for general strengthening and conditioning of the region. Some people assume pelvic floor exercises are just for women—this is simply not true. Both men and women gain a lot from physical therapy. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Physical Therapy for Pelvic Floor Pain?

Similar to any other muscle group in your body, your pelvic floor can be trained, conditioned, and strengthened. Whether you are recovering from a specific injury to that area of your body or just want to improve functionality, pelvic floor therapy is a great choice. For pelvic floor pain, physical therapy involves targeting the muscles and ligaments with specific exercises and routines. We offer a gentle, holistic approach to pelvic floor pain therapy.

What Do You Wear to Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Don’t be concerned with what you wear to PT, we supply both gowns, shorts and tee shirts.

How Long Does Treatment Take? 

Each visit is 45 minutes and consists of manual techniques, patient education, and learning a Home Exercise Program. New York is a busy place and we don’t want to waste our patients’ time, so we always endeavor to remain on schedule. Occasionally we can get delayed by 5 or 10 minutes due to circumstances beyond our control, but generally speaking, we are punctual.

Is Pelvic Floor Therapy Painful? 

At times, it can be uncomfortable, but generally speaking, pelvic floor therapy is not considered painful. The most uncomfortable parts of pelvic floor therapy are when you’re using the therapy as a treatment for an injury or other physical problem in the region. When you’re having trouble with a bowel movement, urinary incontinence, or sexual dysfunction, pelvic floor therapy can at times cause the feeling of cramps. After a trauma in the region, it is normal for some discomfort during therapy.

How Can I Strengthen My Pelvic Floor? 

The best way to strengthen is with exercises. Like any other area in your body, your pelvic floor is made up of muscles and ligaments that can be trained and conditioned. At PivotalPT, we show you the best techniques for this area of your body.

Does Walking or Running Help with Pelvic Floor Pain? 

It depends on the person. For people who are experiencing chronic pain in the region, walking and running are the last things they want to do because of the pressure and discomfort. For others looking to strengthen and condition their pelvic floor, walking and running is a part of any normal therapy regimen. When possible, keeping your body nimble and active always helps.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Pelvic Floor Therapy? 

Despite misinformation that pelvic floor therapy is only for women, both men and women can greatly benefit from pelvic pain therapy. This region of your body is responsible for a lot of important daily functions, including urination, bowel movements, childbirth, ejaculation, and intercourse. Both men and women have extensive pelvic floor regions and candidates include people who are aging that want to remain strong and healthy, people suffering from urinary or fecal incontinence, chronic constipation, painful intercourse, and more. Pelvic floor therapy remains one of the best alternatives to corrective surgical procedures.

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