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Reliable Male Pelvic Pain Relief in New York City, NY

You know the story: You wake up with a pain you can’t pinpoint. It affects you in the office, it affects you in the bathroom—it even affects your love life. If this sounds familiar, then your pelvic pain may be more than something you should just “deal with.” At Pivotal Physical Therapy, we specialize in treating male pelvic pain and diagnosing the underlying issues that cause it. We’ll meet with you, get a strong understanding of your medical history, give you a thorough exam, and offer up effective options that stop your pain and discomfort. You don’t have to “tough out” pelvic pain; just contact the medical experts at Pivotal Physical Therapy and we’ll ensure you get relief.

Causes and Symptoms of Male Pelvic Pain

Musculoskeletal injuries from daily activities or sports are a common cause of male pelvic pain. Other causes can include arthritis, prostatitis, prostate cancer, fibromyalgia, and even sexual dysfunction. Common symptoms associated with these conditions include:

  • Constipation
  • Ongoing pain in your pelvic region
  • Painful or frequent urination
  • Inability to attain an erection
  • Painful/partial bowel movements
  • Pelvic muscle spasms
  • and more

We offer holistic therapies, treatments, and exercises that can strengthen your core and your ability to control your pelvic muscles. We also offer expert pain management techniques and surgical referrals, if needed. Don’t let ongoing pain dominate your life.

Effective Results You Can Count On

Treatment is most effective when your doctors have a comprehensive understanding of your health and what issues you’re facing. To that end, we specialize in expert diagnostics and a holistic approach to healing your body. While we can prescribe medication for pain relief, we prefer to show you how best to manage your pain and control your pelvic muscle groups. Over time, this approach will allow your body the functionality it needs and decrease the discomfort you feel. From biofeedback to personalized Pilates instruction and musculoskeletal reeducation, out techniques are proven effective treatments for pelvic pain relief. While medication can lose effectiveness over time, our signature pelvic therapies will consistently strengthen your ability to manage pain and allow you to enjoy the active lifestyle you love. When it comes to pelvic pain relief, Pivotal Physical Therapy is your partner in wellness.

Take Control of Your Pain

Pelvic pain stems from a multitude of more serious health issues that can affect your life in various ways, from the inability to have an easy bowel movement to an ongoing pain that affects your performance on the field or in the office. Pelvic pain shouldn’t be taken lightly. The answer is not to ignore the pain, but to seek treatment immediately from professional physicians and therapists who have a keen understanding of the pain and how best to treat it. At Pivotal Physical Therapy, we’ve helped countless men in New York City, NY, recover from their pelvic injuries, reduce their pain, and increase their peace of mind. We’ll meet with you, listen to you, and give you workable options for not only feeling better but performing at your best. Take control of your pain and your life. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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