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Physical Therapy Post Cosmetic Surgery 

Most patients don’t immediately think of needing physical therapy after undergoing cosmetic surgery. The typical routine is to go home and wait for your body to heal while laying low for a few weeks. For some people this is all they need to do, however, others have swelling or discomfort that doesn’t decrease as quickly. Pivotal Physical Therapy uses manual lymphatic drainage techniques to decrease swelling. Most patients after their initial treatment feel immediate relief from their symptoms.  

Types of Procedures We Treat

What is Lymphatic Drainage 

Lymphatic, or Manual Lymphatic Drainage, is a gentle massage technique designed to help the lymphatic system pull swelling from your tissue into your blood vessels and eventually out of your body. The body will filter your blood via your liver and kidneys. This outflow of fluid allows the body to bring new nutrients into the area. While swelling is normal and integral to bring the building blocks for healing, the body needs to cycle the fluid. When this process stalls, so does the healing. Lymphatic drainage ensures good circulation and improved healing.  

Head, Neck, Jaw Pain Treatment in New York City

Why Physical Therapy After Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery 

Physical therapy after cosmetic surgery is focused on lymph drainage and gentle exercises designed to promote circulation, healing, and improve range of motion. Some patients may need scar mobilization to achieve their full range of motion. We will perform these techniques on a case by case basis depending on your stage of recovery and surgeon’s recommendation. At Pivotal we want to shorten your recovery period and return you to a normal lifestyle.

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