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Pivotal Physical Therapy’s Expert TMJ Treatment 

Pivotal Physical Therapy provides treatment to patients who have undergone TMJ or Orthognathic Surgery. There can be pain and difficulties with jaw function for a period of time following the surgery. This is a common occurrence and can be successfully treated by a Physical Therapist, who has specialized education and training in treating TMJ Pain and Disorders. Our team of Physical Therapists is uniquely qualified to address the symptoms frequently seen after surgery, such as swelling, pain, inability to open the jaw, chew or difficulty with speakingWe will guide you during your recovery and carefully facilitate the best post-surgical outcome.

The ultimate goals of addressing TMJ issues after surgery, are to eliminate or at least to decrease pain and optimize your jaw function, allowing you to experience a better quality of life.

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What Can I Expect from Physical Therapy

Physical therapy goals and expectations are different for every person that walks through our door. Pivotal Physical Therapy specializes in devising a treatment plan and goals that address all of your concerns, whether it be the ability to wake up without pain from clenching, or ability to eat your favorite meal at a restaurant. Our treatments help New Yorkers discover reliable methods for easing your pain levels and educating you towards self-management. We can help with:

  • Swelling reduction
  • Pain relief
  • Increasing jaw range of motion needed for speaking, yawning, singing, sexual expression and dental work.
  • Regaining essential strength, stability and control of the facial, jaw and neck muscles
  • Restoring normal jaw functions, such as biting and chewing
  • Decreasing jaw tension, daytime clenching and bruxing
  • Improving posture
  • Optimize positioning for sleeping and leisure
  • Ergonomics

We’re Proud to Offer Compassionate Physical Therapy 

Pivotal Physical Therapy wants you to recover from jaw or orthognathic surgery. Many of our patients suffered from the impact of temporomandibular jaw issues for years before seeking treatment. We’re here to complete the process.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Healing!