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New York City’s Facial Reanimation Experts

While cosmetic surgery can do wonders to improve your facial structure and self-confidence, the post-surgical effects can be less than desirable. Edema, or swelling, of your face, is common in many patients, as well as decreased movement or, in some cases, nerve damage. We offer effective anti-inflammatories and physical therapies that will decrease your swelling, reduce your discomfort, and give you the ability to speak and chew normally while your body heals. We’ve helped countless patients in New York City, NY, recover from cosmetic facial surgery, pelvic pain, and TMJ symptoms. We pride ourselves on offering personalized patient care and exceptional patient education. Contact our office now to find out how we can best serve you.

Manual Techniques

Concurrently with our manual techniques, we engage in neuromuscular retraining to restore optimal and symmetric facial expressions (e.g., smiling, puckering). We use manual and verbal cueing, kinesiotaping, and mirror feedback with and without electrical stimulation and biofeedback. All of our therapies and treatments are completely noninvasive and effective solutions for improving your normal facial functions. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can best meet your needs.

Facial Edema Solutions

Facial reanimation therapy is the process of restoring form, function, and ability to your facial muscles after surgery or illness. After reanimation surgery, we focus on decreasing edema (face, head, and neck) and scar tissue adhesions, and regaining facial muscle flexibility and strength. Our treatment goals are to optimize the tone and function of your face, jaw, and anterior neck muscles. To accomplish the preceding goals, treatment will include manual soft tissue mobilization techniques. These are directed to achieve good scar mobility, as well as to relax overactive and tense muscles and to stimulate weak and hypotonic muscles.

Regain Your Independence

Patients who suffer from stilted or painful facial movements often also suffer self-esteem issues. The lack of ability to speak, chew, or even move their heads normally can give cause extreme self-conscious behaviors. At Pivotal Physical Therapy, we’ll work with you to find a regimen of exercises, medications, and biofeedback that will give you control of your face, neck, and head again. We can help lower facial swelling and ease any discomfort you may feel while chewing or breathing. Comprehensive patient care is standard practice when you visit our office. Call us today for more information.

Our Commitment to You

When it comes to quality patient care, we’re committed to your health and your satisfaction. As New York City’s leading musculoskeletal rehabilitation clinic, we pride ourselves on offering the utmost in patient care and personalized service. We’ll listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and ensure you have the best possible options available for healing. We offer holistic therapies, treatments, exercises, and medications to combat muscle edema, limited movement, and painful conditions like TMJ and TMD. Our team of licensed and board-certified physicians and physical therapists will use every resource possible to ensure your comfort and ability to recover.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Healing!