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Physical Therapy for Jaw and Facial Pain in New York, NY

If suffering from jaw and facial pain is impacting your quality of life, our specially trained physical therapists can help you on the road to recovery. Instead of continuing to suffer from debilitating jaw and facial pain, reach out to our team at Pivotal Physical Therapy in New York, NY, to start the healing process.

You deserve more than just living with Temporomandibular joint disorder (“TMD”). Reclaim your life. Get in touch with Pivotal Physical Therapy today.

What is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder?

Known as TMD, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a common condition that affects over 10 million people in the U.S. TMD limits the jaw’s natural function (for example, chewing or opening the mouth). It may cause crippling facial pain or pain while chewing. The pain stems from the temporomandibular joint (“TMJ”) and the muscle which connects your jaw to the skull in front of your ear.

While it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of TMD, common symptoms include:

  • Jaw and facial pain and/or tenderness
  • Pain, at or in front of, the ear
  • Temporal headaches
  • Pain while chewing
  • Difficulty opening your mouth when eating or talking
  • Neck pain
  • Locking of the TMJ (either locking in the open or closed position)
  • A clicking sound or grating feeling when eating or talking
  • Change in your bite mechanics

Physical Therapy in New York

If any of the above symptoms apply to you, contact our office. A TMJ issue is not a life sentence and with proper management, can be diminished or eliminated. A thorough evaluation will determine if we can address your diagnosis and, if needed, guide you to other professionals who can help. At Pivotal, we work closely with many outstanding professionals and never have a financial interest, simply a profound respect for their outstanding skills.

After your evaluation, a targeted treatment program will help you find relief and healing. Undergoing physical therapy can significantly reduce TMD symptoms and, in some cases, eliminate the headaches caused by TMD.

If you’re ready to live a pain-free life again, contact Pivotal Physical Therapy in New York, NY. We look forward to hearing from you!

What We Offer

We offer 45-minute, One-on-One, personalized physical therapy by an experienced PT with specific TMD training. Each and every minute of a treatment is put to use at Pivotal Physical Therapy, and you’ll spend your time with a licensed and skilled PT, not an assistant. In addition, you won’t have to struggle to follow instructions because we’ll be there with you during your exercises. It is that feedback loop from the PT to you that ensure you’re effectively targeting your TMD diagnosis.

We take our time to thoroughly evaluate and diagnose your situation to create a custom-tailored program. Our goal for all patients suffering from TMD jaw and facial pain is better education, proper oral function, and overall well-being, and treatment plans are specifically designed for your issues.

Some common physical therapy techniques we use include:

  • Postural education: Identifying faulty posture, especially while working a desk job or using mobile devices, which puts a strain on your muscles. This, in turn, leads to stress on the TMJ. We will educate and train you to have a functionally neutral alignment to relieve TMD symptoms.
  • Jaw movement improvement: We use manual therapy to relieve jaw joint pain caused by clenching and grinding, restore flexibility, and movement.

We Offer Case Evaluations to All New Patients

Fortunately for individuals suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), the issue is not a life sentence. Pivotal Physical Therapy can help you manage TMD properly, which can result in diminished or eliminated symptoms. We offer thorough case evaluations, which are vital tools for both diagnosing the disorder and charting a path forward. Sometimes, we might suggest medical intervention, then physical therapy. If that’s the case, we keep a list of trustworthy doctors on hand and are more than happy to refer you to one of them. Most importantly, we never work with medical professionals who have a financial interest. All our relationships are with those who share our interest in bettering the lives of their patients. If we don’t recommend medical treatment, we’ll devise a physical therapy treatment plan designed to reduce your TMD symptoms significantly.

We Offer Personalized, One-on-One Care

We believe our patients deserve individualized care. If you choose Pivotal Physical Therapy, you’ll receive 45-minute sessions led by a TMD expert. These physical therapy appointments are one-on-one. We use our time wisely; each minute you spend at our clinic benefits you. Our licensed and board-certified physical therapists understand how crucial communication is to the process. We perform guided exercises, meaning we encourage you through the progress and listen to you when you feel something isn’t working. More importantly, we offer specially-catered treatment programs, designed to help you. Our goal is to reduce your TMD-associated pain, and we can only do that by taking your unique needs into account. However, there are some time-tested methods our experts will use during your appointments. They include:

Postural education: We identify faulty posture, especially while working a desk job or using mobile devices. Bad posture strains your muscles, resulting in a chain reaction that hurts your temporomandibular joints. Education is the best way to help you adapt to your TMD, so we spend a lot of time addressing your posture and training your body to improve it. You’ll notice less jaw pain, greater flexibility, less teeth grinding, and better range of motion.

Jaw movement improvement: Manual therapy is another touchstone of Pivotal Physical Therapy’s unique blend of innovative practices and timeless techniques. Manual therapy is useful because it helps train your body to cease actions that lead to TMD. We use manual therapy to relieve jaw joint pain caused by clenching and grinding.

H3: Contact Pivotal Physical Therapy for TMD Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorder is too easily treated to be ignored. If a doctor or dentist diagnosed you with TMD and recommended physical therapy, then Pivotal Physical Therapy should be your next call. Our relaxed, calming, and encouraging environment is the perfect place to begin your journey towards a full recovery. Contact us today to get started.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Healing!