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New York City’s Trusted Post-Orthognathic Surgery Physical Therapists

Have you recently gone through Orthognathic Surgery? Are you suffering from pain and swelling? Post-surgery issues and symptoms are very common and treatable. We specialize in solving complex jaw issues, and we’ll ensure you get the pain relief and results you want. Our team of licensed and board-certified physical therapists specializes in treating TMJ and TMD problems resulting from post-orthognathic surgery. We frequently see patients who have undergone maxillo-facial surgery. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

The Recovery Process

After surgery, your jaw and facial muscles will require time and care to recover. The initial healing usually takes around six weeks. Most people take off work or school for one to two weeks initially after the surgery to recover. The complete healing process can span up to 12 weeks. During this process, physical therapy is strongly encouraged to aid recovery. We at Pivotal Physical Therapy have over 30 years of clinical experience in treating our patients. We treat you with professional comfort in a private environment to restore your jaw and smile to their fullest health potential.

We address post-surgical symptoms with:

  • Lymph drainage
  • Manual techniques and modalities
  • Progressive therapeutic exercises

Lymph vessels connect as a system working to keep your body healthy. When you have surgery, your lymph nodes fill with fluid, causing you to feel sore, have aches and pains and in some cases, more susceptible to contracting a cold or flu. We work with you by massaging specific areas to drain the nodes of stagnant fluid. This technique will also remove the overall puffiness in your face that comes from orthognathic surgery.

Long-Term Goals

Physical therapy isn’t a one-and-done fix. It takes careful time and planning through a set schedule. We at Pivotal Physical Therapy are specialized in providing you with reliable effective sessions to ease swelling, relieve pain and help you recover from your surgery. We understand that each patient is unique, and your body reacts differently to the surgery. Our team of licensed therapists creates a comfortable environment to get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Our Physical Therapists Focus on These Goals:
  • Swelling reduction
  • Pain relief
  • Gradually increase the jaw and neck range of motion
  • Regain function and control of the facial and jaw muscles
  • Restore normal jaw functions such as biting, chewing, speaking, yawning and prolonged opening for dental hygiene

While the recovery period is lengthy, it doesn’t have to be painful. Physical therapy for your jaw is the best way to start and finish the healing process. If you are curious about effective, non-intrusive recovery and pain relief after your orthognathic surgery, call us today to schedule a consultation.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Healing!