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Holistic Physical Therapy Care

As a part of our commitment to Women’s Health, Pivotal Physical Therapy devotes ourselves to working with patients recovering from mastectomy with or without breast reconstruction. Recovering from breast surgery can be an arduous process. Our goal is to return you to functional, unrestricted, and pain-free upper body range of motion. We apply various manual techniques, such as lymph drainage, myofascial release, and scar mobilization to decrease swelling and increase tissue flexibility. We also guide you through a progressive therapeutic exercise program adopting a whole-body approach.

Why Physical Therapy After Surgery or Radiation

The reasons for a mastectomy, with or without breast reconstruction surgery, can be traumatic. We understand the pain, discomfort, and limitations you experience post-surgery or radiation. Physical Therapy can address the post-surgical symptoms and functional deficits. Post-surgical symptoms may include pain, scarring, loss of range of motion to your upper extremities, or neck and trunk.

Radiation therapy has longer, term effects on the body. The irradiated tissue becomes delicate and easily inflamed, and can also become thicker, more fibrotic, and restricted. It is paramount that surgical tissue regains its supple flexibility to perform all essential activities of daily living: dressing, brushing hair, putting on deodorant, reaching up into a cabinet, carrying bags, etc.

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Treatment Techniques For Breast Reconstruction

Our therapists use a wide array of techniques including:

  • Decrease swelling:  Specialized massage may be used to flush out excess edema.
  • Manual Therapy: Scar tissue mobilization and myofascial release helps to alleviate or decrease muscle and tissue symptoms.
  • Therapeutic exercises: We employ therapeutic exercises to recover muscle strength lost secondary to a mastectomy with the ultimate goal of returning you to pre-surgical strength and function.
  • Pilates: Pilates increases flexibility, core strength, corrects muscle imbalances, and improves posture.

Contact Pivotal Physical Therapy Today

If you’ve recently had breast reconstruction surgery or a mastectomy, then call Pivotal Physical Therapy for an evaluation. Our diverse set of treatment methods will help you on your road to recovery.

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