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Virtual Physical Therapy Appointments in NYC

As part of slowing the Coronavirus (COVID-19 virus), Pivotal Physical Therapy temporarily closed its doors in March. As we closed one door, we opened another – TeleHealth! Now that we have reopened the practice, we have decided to continue offering telehealth as an option.

For us here at Pivotal, a very manually oriented practice, the question was “can we provide meaningful service to our patients without being physically present?” And the answer was “Yes!”

virtual physical therapy appointment nyc

How We Are Able to Do Virtual Physical Therapy

A significant proportion of what we do as a physical therapist is based upon observation and education. As a patient, our therapist observes how you perform certain tasks or exercises and made suggestions on how to move your body or position yourself. And educating our patients runs the gamut from having a conversation regarding your diagnosis or setting up a targeted Home Exercise Program. As any athlete will tell you, an educated observer (“coach” or in this case a physical therapist) is invaluable in providing feedback that corrects bad habits and improves movement patterns.

Now with the use of a HIPAA compliant video program called, we can reach out and essentially duplicate this same experience.

How Does It Work?

Contact us via the form on the bottom of this page or our Contact Us page or you can call our office directly

You must have a computer with a camera and a microphone available (a laptop is ideal but even a desktop, tablet or phone can be used)

You must have Google Chrome or Firefox

Once we have made the appointment, you will receive an email with a link. Click the link at the time of your appointment, enter your name and you will arrive in the waiting room. Your therapist will invite you in for the session.

virtual physical therapy exercise

TeleHealth Session Format

  1. You and your therapist will decide what you want to accomplish during the session.
  2. You and your therapist will decide how long a session is appropriate.
  3. Payment is due at the time of treatment and the office front desk will process a credit card through Quickbooks.
  4. We will send bills out electronically for reimbursement directly back to you. However, at this time it is uncertain if the insurance companies will reimburse you for the service. We will try our best to get that to happen; but you should consider this to be an out-of-pocket expense.
  5. If for any reason you are not happy with your first session, then we will not charge you. Pivotal Physical Therapy has built its reputation on transparency and honesty with our patients. We would not risk losing what we consider to be one of our “core values.”

Request a Virtual Appointment

30 East 60th Street
Suite 1006
New York, NY 10022

Hours of Operation
Monday, Wednesday – 10:15 AM – 06:45 PM

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 07:30 AM – 04:00 PM


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