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Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction is the most important factors here at Pivotal Physical Therapy, but don’t take our word for it. Read some of our patient reviews:


"This week I completed 12 sessions of physical therapy for a torn ankle ligament with Kiersten Page; PPT has been recommended to me by the physician who diagnosed the problem, Dr. Tom Novella. When I arrived at PPT I could only walk with great pain. Ms. Page was a superb physical therapist providing excellent patient care, continuously explaining what she was doing, and giving exercises to be done at home. She was unfailingly caring, courteous, pleasant, and absolutely professional. The difference after these 12 sessions is enormous; no more agonizing pain. I have resumed most normal activities with no difficulty. I would with great pleasure recommend her to any friends or colleagues in need of such physical therapy."


"The quality of the care at Pivotal is exceptional. From reception to therapy, everything is first-rate. Special mention to Radhika Huryn: over the years I’ve been through a good deal of physical therapy. Radhika Huryn is in a class by herself: Cheerful, positive, technically gifted as well as imaginative and creative, she worked miracles while maintaining an upbeat rapport. I found myself looking forward to my sessions. Thanks!!"


"After a year of debilitating back, neck, and jaw pain and trying 2 other physical therapists, Eveline was able to get to the root of what was causing my pain and get rid of it quickly. Her treatments are literally like magic and every single time I leave her office feeling significantly better. Also, as a working Mom with a hectic schedule, she constructed a manageable exercise plan that was not overwhelming or too time consuming so I was able to fit it into my schedule and get better quickly. The only negative thing about getting better and being pain free is that I don’t need to see her regularly which is unfortunate, because on top being an amazing therapist, she is an all-around terrific person and a pleasure to work with."


"Nicole is FANTASTIC. She is incredibly articulate in describing the injury and how both exercise and hands on massage/ultrasound help the injury. She has really helped/ameliorated the symptoms related to my tear."


"In my experiences with physical therapy, you typically get 15 minutes of therapist treatment and then are one of 2-3 other patients doing exercises. What distinguishes Pivotal is you get one on one attention for the whole appointment with tremendously experienced and caring therapists. The overall environment is definitely more conducive to this type of attention vs. assembly lines at other PT places. I would highly recommend Pivotal. Another distinguishing feature at Pivotal is that their PT’s and my Podiatrist actively consulted during my treatment and adjusted the physical therapy treatment as my foot/ankle progress. I have not seen this at other physical therapists or certainly, it was not as evident in my treatment. It was great to see how much the PT’s at Pivotal care and how active and hands on they are throughout the process."


"Pivotal is my go-to place for physical therapy, because they are professional and thorough. I know I can depend upon a steady path to recovery. And I love that I get to spend 45 minutes with one therapist. My experiences with other physical therapy offices have been more of a “factory” situation where I was passed from person to person."


"Last week I didn’t have the chance to say how much I gained and how I enjoyed working with you. You cleared up the persistent nasty piriformis and right-side pain. You showed me exercises and such to prevent a recurrence. And you modified my exercise to suit both what my back needs and what my body can manage. Thanks so very much."


"Pivotal has strengthened my core and improved my flexibility, which has resulted in less back pain and a much improved golf game. Many thanks."


"I have had the BEST experience with physical therapy while being treated at Pivotal. My therapist is extremely well-trained, and has given me excellent attention and care. The staff is very professional and effective in their administration. The practice is based on one-on-one training and is one of the least hectic I have found in NYC."


"Thanks to Pivotal, my golf swing has increased by 20-30 yards. Also, I have lost inches on my waist, thighs and even my belly! In general, I look and FEEL so much better. None of these were original goals of PT. I came to Pivotal because of back pain. Finally, Eveline has effectively treated me for acute arthritic pain in my hand and a broken toe."


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